Construction Services

Drone Services for Construction & Land Development

Capturing 360° views of a building or project site at predetermined milestones or specific intervals.

Our team has decades of experience in various construction fields.  This gives us an advantage when it comes to understanding and capturing areas of interest and/or concern.  We are well versed in working with both large developers and smaller contractors.

Aerial drone construction photography and video can be helpful in capturing a build's timeline, monitoring job progress, asset management, and creating marketing materials that are helpful for owners, developers, and realtors alike.

Imagery is most often captured at predetermined milestones or at regular intervals.  Although, we are happy to work within any time schedule you'd prefer.

Drone Video & Image Samples - Construction Services

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Construction & Land Development


  • 10 High Res Aerial Images
  • Unbranded


  • 20 High Res Aerial Images
  • Unbranded

Aerial Site Video

  • Aerial Video of Entire Site
  • Your Branding
  • Captions
  • Professional Background Music

FAQs: Aerial Imagery for
Construction & Land Development

Who is Flying the Drone?

Palmetto State Drones has three FAA licensed pilots on staff.  They are professional drone pilots trained and approved to fly for commercial use.  All of our pilots are engaged in on-going education to ensure that they are familiar with emerging technologies and best practices. The combined knowledge of our pilots spans more than 50 years of construction experience.  Our pilots will always adhere to FAA rules and regulations on both the local and federal levels. Finally, our drone services include insurance for peace of mind.

What is Included?

Depending on your selection, you will receive high-resolution aerial footage.  This means photos, and professionally edited 4K video that include your company's branding and project captions as requested.  We host the images and videos in your Palmetto State Drones account for an extended period of time allowing you to download them easily for your own use, or share assets via a link.  Image and video assets are yours to own and use as you like after final payment.

How Long Does it Take?

Once your order is placed and confirmed, a Palmetto State Drones Pilot will visit and fly your site within a few days (subject to weather conditions and your preferences). After the flight, please allow two additional business days for aerial images to be professionally edited, and three to five business days for professionally edited videos.  Actual turnaround times may be faster.

All of our drone videos are shot in 4k file size unless requested otherwise.  Video is edited in-house and typically sent to customer within 2-5 business days depending on the complexity of the project. 4K images and videos are, by default, large format files and therefore are shared with customers via a cloud-based file sharing system.  Images are completed as .JPG files.  Videos are completed as .MP4 files. For videos used for the purpose of the MLS, Palmetto State Drones will host these videos and provide Realtor with link for insertion to MLS listing.  Please note that these videos later uploaded to YouTube or viewed with QuickTime player will show a slight color desaturation based on those player's codecs.  We recommend the use of VLC video player for the most true-to-color playback of MP4 files.  Colors may also vary from monitor to monitor and if the screen has not been properly calibrated.

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